Engineered Robotics
and Automation Machinery


ROI Focused

Our return-on-investment focused approach ensures you receive solutions that have a significant impact on your business. Our solutions lowers your labor dependency,  increase output while improving the quality of our product

Turnkey Development

From initial concept through to installation we support you from start to finish with the delivery of factory tested equipment. Our team designs and implements all mechanical, electrical and PLC systems.

We Embrace
Challenging Problems

From eggs to carbon fiber, we design equipment around difficult to handle materials. Space constrained our solutions are tailored to fit into your production space. We have a proven track record of solving the most difficult automation problem.

Our Unique
Value Proposition

  • Highly integrated custom automation equipment.
  • Unique robotic manufacturing solutions.
  • Process scale-up research and development services.


Learn How Our Proven Process Will Create the Solution You’re Looking For

From conceptual design to post-installation support, Mechatronic D.S. adheres to a comprehensive, step-by-step process for designing turnkey robotic solutions for any application. Find out how we can solve your problems today.


Custom Automated
Solutions for Any Application.


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